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Offering wellness workshops to the community. 

Energy Shifts
Elevating the Workplace

Do you want to increase feelings of gratitude, teamwork, and purpose in the workplace?

Hosted by a licensed mental health counselor and business owner, this three hour wellness workshop will not disappoint. Through worksheets, open discussions and activities, your team will learn tips proven by positive psychology to increase happiness and productivity.


After this workshop, attendants will leave with:

  • Knowledge of emotional awareness

  • Mindfulness exercises to handle stress

  • A deeper understanding of energy

  • An increased sense of gratitude for the workplace

Energy Shifts: Elevating the Workplace Flyer

Team Meeting
Friends Hanging Out

Living In Alignment

Grab your friends for a bonding experience involving journaling, discussions, and inspiration. You will learn about your own values, energy, goals, and living in alignment.


This is a 2 hour workshop in the comfort of your own home that will give you and your friends a crash course in positive psychology and intentional living.

To get more information or book your workshop, contact us via our contact us form or email
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