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Tree of Life

For Children, Teens, and Parents

Tree of Life is a group therapy practice that offers individual and couples counseling to those looking to make changes in their lives. 

We have counselors that offer play therapy, sand tray therapy, and art therapy for children and teens. In addition, we have counselors that work with parenting consultations and individual healing. 

Our Services

Therapy for Adults

Taking the first step towards making changes in your life can feel overwhleming. At Tree of Life, we strive to make the process feel as safe and fulfilling as possible. We know that whether you are looking for help for yourself or a family member, it's important to find the right fit. 

We help clients of all ages deal with numerous situations including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, grief, self- identity, couples counseling and coping with major life transitions.

We offer in person therapy sessions on Victory Blvd in Staten Island and also offer virtual sessions. 

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Therapy for Children

Is your child going through a major life transition or struggling with behavioral issues? Post pandemic has impacted many children with increased feelings of anxiety, stress, and confusion. You are not alone in navigating these times. 


Tree of Life offers play/art therapy for children ages 4 and up. We take a collaborative approach with parents that include parental consultations to help you best support your child and also provide you with guidance/ tools. 

We help parents navigate a variety of situations including: grief, school/ social anxiety, divorce, behavioral concerns. 

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